by Matt Bourque

We pimped our little comic strip around L.A., and this is what a few noted personalities had to say about Delinquents:

Ooh. Too sexy."Aw, jes, jes. I have read Delinquents. All I can say, it eez better than anything I've done."
--Antonio Banderas

Ah'll be bock."It will pump you up."
--Arnold Scharzenegger

The thirteenth monkey."It's better than looking at me."
--Brad Pitt

Cotton-eyed Joe."Uhhhhhh.....whuh..whuzzat?"
--Hillbilly Pete

--Dead Horse

Fag"I'm gay! I'm gay! I mean . . . no, that's right. I'm queer as a stack of strawberry pancakes!"
--Leonardo DeCapprio

Gay pride."It manages to fully encapsulate that unquantifiable facet of existance known as 'humor.'"

--Fred Durst

Shield your eyes!"It makes be wanna get naked!"
--Richard Hatch

Yikes"...and then I rolled a 12, and I was like, ugh! Take that, Morblar! Your foul deeds hath now been punished!"
--The Mayor of Dorksville

But for how long...Spock? long?"Bling bling."
--William Shatner

Sucka!"I pity da fool who hasn't read Delinquents...sucka!"
--Mr. T

Kiss me, I'm British"God, I miss Elizabeth..."
--Former celebrity Hugh Grant

--Keanu Reeves

pussy galore"It'sh a little known fact that I model myshelf after the creator of Delinquentsh. He'sh a party animal."
--Sean Connery

What a whore!"WHO ARE YOU CALLING A WHORE! oh(*hic*)wait, yeah I've read (*hic*) rocks" (*passes out drunk*)
--Courtney Love

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Disclaimer: These noted personalities did not actually say these words, even when we tried to bribe them. Lousy famous bastards. Well, except the dead horse. He accepted $1000.
Okay, well, not really.